Coming Soon: The Leftovers Pop!s! & Pop! Rocks!

Pop! TV: The Leftovers

Where did they go?

Mysteriously 2% of the global population vanished with no explanation!
Those left behind are trying to continue their lives.

In an attempt to continue on Kevin, Patti and
Matt join the Funko Family!

Collect these Pop!s before they depart!
Coming this spring!

Coming in June!

Pop! Rocks: Justin Bieber, Jimi Hendrix & Joey Ramone

Some of the biggest music icons from past and
present are the newest additions to Pop! Rocks!

“What Do You Mean?”
This wave features todays Pop music icon Justin Bieber!

 As well as legends from the past,
American rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix!
Also, lead vocalist Joey Ramone,
from the punk rock band The Ramones!

Collect them this Spring!

Coming in June!

Source: Official Funko Blog